Alaskan Accents

Alaskan Accents was literally decades in the making.  Valerie and Grace lived on the neighboring islands of Wrangell and Petersburg in southeast Alaska during their adolescent years.  As life happened and talents and skills developed over the years, in 2020 the stars aligned to allow a window of opportunity to work together.  Originally focused solely on making bright and colorful handbags…the pandemic threw a little wrench in the plans when it shut down the tourism market in Alaska entirely.  So we pivoted to selling facemasks and it has been a whirlwind adventure researching the latest industry printing methods, testing new products, investing in our own equipment so we can control the quality of our products and of course, bring our wares to our lovely fans.  We love what we do and we work hard to make sure every piece is guaranteed to light up a room, both with the color and also with the smiles it inevitably generates.

Alaskan Artist Grace Wolf

Grace was born and raised on Mitkof Island in the bustling Norweigan fishing village of Petersburg, Alaska. Her love of all things Alaska is reflected in big, bright colors and a whimsical yet daring style.